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Meet Candace

Candace Hines, CEO
M.B.A., M.P.A., B.S.B.A.


Candace Hines, CEO of Time2Achieve Tutoring Services, and Time2Achieve Foundation, is an educator, visionary, entrepreneur, musician and inspirational speaker. She holds a Master Degree in Business Administration specializing in Small Business Entrepreneurship, Master in Public Administration specializing in Non Profit Organizations, and a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. She is currently a PhD student at Walden University studying Developmental Psychology with an emphasis in Child & Adolescent Development.


Since 2001, Candace has worked in adult literacy education and tutoring with a proven track record of success. She is caring and passionate about positively impacting her students' lives beyond academics.


As an entrepreneur and educator at the core, Ms. Hines has been known for 

  • instilling purpose and inspiring her students and peers

  • maintaining a high level of customer engagement

  • having a zero tolerance for mediocrity 

  • establishing trust at the core of the relationship

  • building a foundation to support growth

  • supporting student's endeavors

  • creating partnerships with communities for resources and positive outlets


Candace's success with her students has resulted in students' grades jumping as high as three letters across one grading period, a boost in self-confidence, improved in-class participation, and independent homework completion. 


She has worked as a substitute teacher at Marietta City Schools and Atlanta Public Schools, and has provided impactful tutoring services for youth serving organizations such as Y.E.L.L.S.. Ms. Hines has an excellent rapport and reputation among teachers whose students she has tutored in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Ms. Hines has served as the Education Board Director at Bright Path Youth Foundation for two years.  She is now the Founder & CEO of Time2Achieve Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization serving underprivilege youth through education support programs and scholarship opportunites.


It is her mission to fulfill your desire to go higher! When you learn more, you become more, and do more. 

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